Let’s Have a Glimpse at What’s New in Microsoft 365

Microsoft has always shown its belief in empowering everyone with its new, innovative, and breathtaking developments. It has never failed to amaze people with its new advancements in the product it develops. Apart from this, it also takes care of the users who are already using any version of Microsoft Office on their devices by developing feature updates for them.

Keeping in mind the hybrid work culture that would probably go a long way, Microsoft has worked towards making Office a collaborative space for you. The features that were already present in it are customized in such a way to meet the varied novel needs of the people.

So, the section below will explain to you how you can get hands-on with these new features. Apart from this, you will also get to know more about these features that have been developed by office.com/setup.

Some breathtaking features of Microsoft Office

  • Mesh for Microsoft Teams

During the pandemic, many workers had to adapt to an all-new work culture where everyone was working remotely. Keeping that in mind, Microsoft developed Microsoft Teams that made collaborations and team meetings go easy. Recently, Microsoft developed a feature in it that is known as “Mesh”. Using this feature, people can now involve in the all-new two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) meetings.

  • Better and all-new hybrid meetings

Microsoft has recently partnered with the world’s renowned hardware manufacturers to make its users’ experience more enthralling. Now, users can use the Yealink desk Vision AIO24 hat that comes with a 24-inch display which is one of the best devices for holding team meetings. Apart from this, Logitech Tap Scheduler is also all set to join hands with Microsoft to bring about a unique user experience for the people. Apart from this, there would also be a feature in it named “Direct Guest Join” which would help all the users to join a third-party meeting if he is requested too. Also, you can now merge “Surface Hub” in your Team by navigating to the Admin Center of their accounts.

  • Cross collaboration made easier

If we speak about collaborating with different organizations at the same time, then it might seem to be a problematic task to some. This is because working across different organizations requires communication to take place at a greater level which seems difficult to achieve.

  • The all-new virtual green room

This all-new feature in Microsoft 365 helps users and organizers to make events more memorable, engaging, as well as integrated.


To conclude, we can say that, Microsoft always thinks of the betterment of its users and at the same time it keeps on developing new technologies that would add to its user experience. Therefore, if you also want to enjoy these all-new features, then you may go to the official website of Microsoft Office and install product updates from there. 

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